Warranty Information

District Homes stands by our quality of workmanship and offers a comprehensive warranty on all our skilled labour. We are a respected member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program and are proud to have received their Service Award for home builders—as Electrim Development Ltd—every year since joining the program in 2007. We are also members in good standing of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and the Better Business Bureau.


Certified Moisture Smart® Builder

Calgary experiences nearly 300 freeze-thaw cycles per year. Any home built here is constantly threatened by melting snow and ice trying to work its way into the crevices of the home. Once moisture infiltrates the exterior of the home it is subject to freezing which can cause ice buildup beneath exterior finishes, and in the worst case expands causing materials to crack and become weakened. This is just one example of how poor moisture control can be a serious issue in home construction and there are many more to consider, such as leaky windows and improper yard drainage. One of the main causes of building envelope failure in Calgary homes is improper moisture management. The Moisture Smart Code of Practice is an all-encompassing set of rules and regulations that, when adhered to properly, will ensure your new custom home will stand the test of time against all of the elements, even in Calgary’s climate. We are a certified Moisture Smart® Builder and we are committed to upholding the Code of Practice on every home we build.


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