Renovation Process

Our Process

At District Homes, we pride ourselves on utilizing a comprehensive, transparent build process to exceed client expectations on new home builds and renovations.

District Homes Renovations

No two renovations are alike; renovating an existing home means dealing with work previously done by others and can present an array of surprises once the walls and floors are opened. At District Homes, we specialize in embracing unique challenges with creative, well planned solutions. With years of experience, the District Homes team renovates homes of all ages, producing aesthetic transformations and builds that are compliant with today’s stringent building codes. We ensure your investment looks amazing and more importantly, your home is safe – done the right way, the first time.

Architectural and Interior Design

Vision and purpose – the pillars of any home design. District Homes is fortunate to work with some of the best designers in the game. Our team has the flexibility to handle projects of any size, that, accompanied with expertise and talent ensures every design is a bespoke reflection of our client’s desires. With published recognition for past designs, we at District Homes pride ourselves on a long line of satisfied customers with envious friends and family members.

Establishing a Relationship

Often overlooked, this stage is the keystone to the entire build process. At District Homes, we believe establishing an open dialogue solidifies a foundation of trust with our clients. Here, we will discuss of the important reasons why you can trust us with one of the largest investments you’re likely to make. We will show you past projects we’ve done, show you an overview of our process and our management philosophy, talk about our warranty coverage, summarize our payment plan and contract structure and answer any and all questions you’re sure to have.

Preliminary Design and Project Review

Many clients have their preferred designer selected prior to choosing a contractor to make their vision a reality. In this case, we review the design details to ensure full understanding of your expectations, and offer advice on design points we see as potential risks or challenges to be overcome. No designer? No problem! We are fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with one of Calgary’s top design studios. Together, we guarantee guidance and support for your perfect renovation. No detail is overlooked, and the end product will truly be your personal inspiration. At this stage if you’re comfortable with our approach, and trust us with transforming your home, we will enter into a Preliminary Design Agreement. This agreement outlines all renovations and construction to be done.

Initial Project Assessment

This assessment is a high-level overview of the entire project including budget discussions, approximate timelines, specific costs and your renovation wish list. This stage allows our team at District Homes to fully understand our clients' expectations throughout the renovation process.

Finalizing Design

Now, your vision is complete. We work with our clients and their designers to review all final decisions; materials are chosen and every detail is addressed.

Plan and Specification Approval

At this point, the design process has run its course and the renovation has clarity. During the final review, we take time to confirm our clients are fully satisfied and all unique obstacles are addressed in the design plans. A final set of drawings and design specifications are produced for your approval.

Architectural Control

If required, District Homes will approach the necessary parties to navigate any architectural controls set forth by the community or developer having jurisdiction over the home.

Detailed Pricing

Hours of careful thought and planning have now produced a vivid road map to transform your home. The next step is producing a detailed budget of the entire project. District Homes operates on an open book basis. We will provide you with a transparent, accurate cost to renovate your home just as you’ve envisioned it.

Construction Agreement

If you're happy with everything to date, from design to final pricing, we move to signing the Construction Agreement. This agreement covers the entire renovation process and Warranty Period. At this time, we will collect a deposit and enter into a contract that will encompass the entire renovation process.

Permit Process

Once we have adhered to any controls pertinent to the home, District Homes will act on your behalf for applications and permits required to complete your renovation.


Here, we turn your imagination into reality. District Homes will construct your new home in the manner it was designed considering quality, timing and budget. During construction, you will receive weekly updates, attend site meetings to review our work, and have the opportunity to alter design decisions. At District Homes, we understand things change; through our control process, you will always be able to adjust your custom home. Your home, your say!


This is the home stretch! Approximately 35 days before final possession, we will notify you of your exact move in date and schedule a pre-possession walk through. 10 days before the move-in date, we review the finished product and give you a chance to flag any details of the home you want addressed prior to move-in.


At District Homes, we stand behind our work and strive to maintain the relationships built with clients throughout the build process. Our team is available for contact at any time for any discussion regarding your build. In the first year, we will perform 2 separate quality assurance walk-throughs to ensure your new home exceeds expectations and address any questions or concerns you may have.